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From trails to roads, 10km to ultra marathons, together we can make your goals happen and take you to that next level. Take the stress and guess work away, as we collaborate, design, and create the plan that’s the right fit for YOU! Now you can focus on what you do best and put 100% effort and focus into your running. 

Flow Motion Running’s proven techniques and training methods will lead you along the road to the achievements and happiness you deserve.
Whether you need some additional motivation or accountability, help designing and structuring your training, expanding your running knowledge and understanding, or just need some advice for an upcoming race or running technique, I’m here to help you as little or as much as you need me. Our training plans and coaching can be just what you need to set up you for success.



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Our plans are


I want to reduce the financial barrier that can prevent people from achieving their running goals. I have received so much guidance and support over the years and this is my opportunity to give back


Your training plan is broken down into stages that target specific benefits and gradually develop to help maximize your performance gains.


Feeling under the weather? Have a vacation or event that will interfere with your plan? Together we can adjust your plan to make it work for you while still working towards your goal.

Personally tailored for YOU

Using your responses from the detailed questionnaire and insights gained from our personal one-on-one meeting, we can create a plan that's the perfect fit for you. Want your long run on a Friday? No problem! Need to sleep in on Mondays? You got it!

Hear from our athletes

"I was being complacent with my running and Mike gave me the motivation to push myself out of my comfort zone."
Jorge Ramos
"Mike was also very open to formulating a plan that worked for ME, considering family and work obligations to find that healthy balance."
Nate McManis
"As someone that was never interested in putting together a robust training plan, Mike was invaluable with his detailed and structured plans."
Chris Zuerner

About Flow motion running

Running is simple, doing it well and safely is the difficult part. Reaching your peak performance requires commitment, motivation, high quality training, self-awareness, knowledge and perseverance and that’s where I know I can assist you.
Over time I have developed these attributes and continue to do so to this day. I have successfully raced in various 5km, 8km, and 10km events, and over 20 half and full marathons across 3 continents, including running the Great Wall Marathon 3 times. I have qualified and ran Boston, taken the win at Peak 2 Creek Marathon in 2018, and achieved a personal record of 2:35:28 at the Richmond 2019 Marathon. I was part of the Blue Ridge 203 mile Mixed Relay Team that set a new course record in 2019 and I have also ran several trail races and ultra marathons both locally and abroad. My wife would also not forgive me if I failed to mention that I also proposed to her during a 10km race which we ran together (she said yes, thankfully)!
Each training cycle and race has taught me something new about myself and my  training and allowed me to explore new and interesting ways to make the most of my running potential. I have used these experiences and information to successfully guide other athletes to achieve their goals and I am confident that I can help you achieve your goals too!
I hope you too are willing to invest your time and motivation in Flow Motion Running so that you can also experience the joy and success of running too.

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