Where the Mind Goes, The Energy Flows

“Where the mind goes, the energy flows”

I came across this quote on the Running Explained feed and I instantly loved it. So many times during a run and throughout a training cycle our minds can drift into some negative places. On average it takes about 4 positive thoughts/comments to wipe out a negative one. That’s a lot of positivity needed to overcome the influence of a negative thought or experience. Fortunately we are in control of limiting most if not all of that negativity through our self-talk. Negative self-talk is completely normal, we all do it. “I feel like this is way harder than it should be, I’m never going to hit my goal” or “I didn’t finish the workout, so I just suck” or worse comparing yourself to others, “I’m just not as strong as them” are examples of negative self-talk that can hold us back.

The more we tell ourselves we can’t do something, or how awful we feel, the more that feeling is amplified. Training is hard enough physically, don’t let that self-talk make it even harder for you. Therefore I want you to focus on being extra positive this week and here’s some tips to get you going:

Flow Motion Athlete, Paul keeping a positive mindset

Photo of Flow Motion Athlete, Paul keeping a positive mindset during tough conditions

1) When you notice yourself using negative self-talk, stop, and reframe it into something positive. Example: “I feel like this is way harder than it should be, I’m never going to hit my goal” ——–> “I may not feel great, but my mind and body will be stronger from this run. Training is hard so I will feel stronger on race day.”

2) Tell yourself 4 positive things about your day. They don’t all have to be about running, it can be anything, but 1 or 2 of them would be helpful if they were about your run that day or your overall training. “Wow, I’ve been running 5 days a week for 7 straight weeks now, I’m a warrior!” or “I took care of my kids, made it to work on time, ate a nutritious meal, and made it out for a run today while also remembering to hydrate, I can do anything.”

3) Give some extra love to your training buddies. Hearing a positive compliment from someone else is extra powerful so dish those compliments out. Tell your buddy that they look strong today, or you are proud of them for pushing themselves through in these tough conditions. Thank them for helping you wake up early and get out the door for a run. If you are receiving this compliment, don’t let that negativity jump in the way and downplay it. Accept it and absorb it, you deserve it.

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