If you’re a person who is interested in running and is willing to dedicate time and energy into consistently improving yourself, then I want to help you!

Running and coaching have been such an integral and rewarding experience for me and I can’t wait to share that experience with you too. Not only have I taken my running to new levels across different race distances, but I have successfully coached my athletes to achieve their goals and crushing their PRs. What’s more is that they continue to have an incredible passion for running and now have goals that far exceed their own expectations compared to when they first started working with me. My training plans and personal coaching approach can help you achieve your goals too!  

"The training plan and coaching has given me the structure that I needed to become a better runner. I really valued the detailed breakdown of how I should approach each run and the times I should shoot for while doing the workouts. I also liked that he was able to quickly update my weekly training to work around a race or an event that I scheduled last minute."
Jorge Ramos
10k and Half Marathon (1:29:12) PRs
Run with Mikey Athlete

A key value of my coaching is developing personal relationships, which is why I only work with a small number of athletes and why all my plans include communication points before, during, and after the training experience. I don’t believe in a simple hand out training plan where you never hear from your coach again. I believe there is more to running than simply the miles you put in. Everybody is unique, and the more I get to know about you as a person and a runner, the better I can help you progress. Together we can build a training plan and experience that is customized JUST FOR YOU, so that we can optimize your time and performance.

my plans are:

  • Structured - Your training plan is broken down into stages that target specific adaptations and gradually develop to help maximize your performance gains.
  • Affordable - I want to reduce the financial barrier that can prevent people from achieving their running goals. I have received so much guidance and support over the years and this is my opportunity to give back
  • Flexible - Feeling under the weather? Have a vacation or event that will interfere with your plan? Together we can adjust your plan to make it work for you while still working towards your goal.
  • Personally tailored for YOU - My introductory consultation and survey allow me to gain valuable insights into you as a runner so that we can create a plan that's the perfect fit for you. Want your long run on a Friday? No problem! Need to sleep in on Mondays? You got it! Feeling great and want to push yourself further? Together we can discuss to review and adjust any plan as needed to give you success.
"I learned a lot about technical components of running, like why you do tempo work and lactate threshold or the importance of medium long runs to build mileage. Mikey helps you not only to understand your training plan big picture but can give you granular details about the technical side of running and why you’re running certain distances at specific times and the impacts on the body."
Chris Zuerner
Half Marathon PR (1:12:17)
Run with Mikey Athlete

Why flow motion running?

I believe the success and quality of my coaching and training plans comes from the fact that I didn’t take the conventional way to get here. I didn’t run in college (although I was the social secretary), or start hitting huge times right from the get go. I started at ground zero and gradually built my way up. At the beginning I’d enter races now and again off several weeks of just steady runs, often running as fast as I could for as long as I could, because I didn’t no better. It’s fair to say the results matched the quality of my planning and understanding. I didn’t even own a watch, let alone know what a tempo, or interval run was. 
Curious about how I could develop and push myself to achieve peak running performance while on a tight budget, I turned to books, podcasts, blogs, other runners, and research articles to learn more. I started applying my new knowledge and designing my own training plans, tweaking and experimenting as I went along and soon I started seeing MASSIVE improvements in my running performance and overall feelings toward running. Soon I was coaching myself and others to PRs and fun adventures and my athletes and I haven’t looked back since.
I feel it’s important to share this because I want every runner to know, if done the right way, you too can achieve these sort of results. I spent over 10 years learning from my mistakes and experiences, and I want to pass these lessons on to you, so that your hard work and determination has the right results to show for it.

Plan Options

Bronze package

Our simplest package for our most experienced runners. Best for those who only want limited communication and have the self-motivation, experience, and knowledge to successfully navigate and apply the training plan.


  • Initial Consultation and Plan review
  • Personalized Training Plan
  • Mid Point Check-In
  • End of Plan Reflection
  • x1 Schedule Change

All of the Bronze package PLUS…

  • Unlimited Communication via Phone/Text/E-mail
  • Weekly Training Analysis and feedback
  • Personal 1-on-1 call to discuss progress every 6 weeks
  • Unlimited Schedule Changes
  • Strength and Conditioning Exercises
  • Adjutsed Workout Pace/Intensity Recommendations

Platinum package

Giving you the support and expertise that your training deserves! I’ll take care of planning every run in fine detail so that you can focus on your achieving your running goals. I’ll be with you every step of the way to monitor and adjust as we go along, taking the guess work out of it, and giving you the knowledge and confidence to reach peak performance.

  • Tips on training, cross-training, racing, nutrition, wellness, recovery, injury-prevention.
  • Race Day Prep and Strategy