If you’re a person who is interested in running and is willing to dedicate time and energy into consistently improving yourself, then I want to help you!

Running and coaching have been such an integral and rewarding experience for me and I can’t wait to share that experience with you too. Not only have I taken my running to new levels across different race distances, but I have successfully coached many athletes to achieve their goals and crush their PRs (check out our Success Stories). What’s more is that they continue to have an incredible passion for running and now have goals that far exceed their own expectations compared to when they first started working with me. My training plans and personal coaching approach can help you achieve your goals too!  

"The training plan and coaching has given me the structure that I needed to become a better runner. I really valued the detailed breakdown of how I should approach each run and the times I should shoot for while doing the workouts. I also liked that he was able to quickly update my weekly training to work around a race or an event that I scheduled last minute."
Jorge Ramos
Flow Motion Athlete

A key value of my coaching is developing personal relationships, which is why I only work with a small number of athletes and why all my plans include communication points before, during, and after the training experience. Throughout your jounrey with Flow Motion you’ll have a team of athletes here to support you too, from cheering you on, on race day and celebrating your accomplishments, to providing motivation and inspiration on those days you don’t feel your best. It takes a village and we believe that village is Flow Motion.

"I learned a lot about technical components of running, like why you do tempo work and lactate threshold or the importance of medium long runs to build mileage. Mikey helps you not only to understand your training plan big picture but can give you granular details about the technical side of running and why you’re running certain distances at specific times and the impacts on the body."
Chris Zuerner
Flow Motion Athlete

Plan Options

Standalone personalized plan

Get it and go! A personalized 12 to 16 week plan that sets you on your way to your goal race. This option is for very experienced runners only, who can confidently follow a personalized plan and can appropriately adjust their workouts independently and hold themselves accountable, but would like some structure and direction. 

The plan includes  a personalized plan complete with warmups, race specific workouts, and pace recommendations along with an introductory call to review your plan. Your coach will support you for the first 2 weeks of your training so that you can feel confident in executing your training plan. Additionally you’ll receive a Race Day Plan based on your initial race goal to help prepare you for the big day. 

This plan does not include communication with your coach beyond the first 2 weeks of your training or any adjustments to your plan. 

Flat Rate Fee:
12-16 weeks: $280

1:1 Personalized Coaching

Our most successful and most popular option! A personalized plan just for you with the reassurance that we can restructure your plan and reschedule workouts whenever you need to. You’ll receive weekly individualized feedback and analysis, plan updates based on your progress, unlimited messaging with your coach to discuss your training, a check in call every 6 weeks to review progress and discuss strategies to improve your performance, strength and mobility exercises, a personalized race plan reviewed over a call, so you feel totally prepared, and access to members only content so you feel fully supported all the way to race day!

Communication is an essential component of this coaching experience and you’ll be required to leave feedback for your coach so that they can design and adapt the plan to optimize your training and race day performance. Together we can build a training plan and experience that is customized JUST FOR YOU. We believe there is more to running than simply the miles you put in. Everybody is unique, and the more your coach gets to know about you as a person and a runner, the better we can help you progress!

Package Comparison

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