Success Stories

Don’t take our word for it, here are some of the athletes who’ve experienced success with Flow Motion running.

Chris Zuerner

Marathon Half Marathon 10km 5km
Old PR:
Flow Motion PR:
After a 2:49 finish at the Chicago Marathon in 2019, Chris has gone from strength to strength since joining us in 2020, breaking Personal Records in every distance he’s raced since. His progression from 2:49 – 2:37 – 2:32 – 2:30 -2:26 in the marathon is the result of consistently working smarter over repeated training cycles with a long term vision.

“I love that the plan is fluid, so as I progressed week to week, the plan was adjusted to accurately reflect where my fitness was. Mike helped me not only to understand the training plan big picture but also gave me granular details about the technical side of running and why I was running certain distances at specific times and the impacts on the body.”

Tim Mann

Marathon Half Marathon 10km
Old PR:
Flow Motion PR:

Tim was cautious when he first joined us. He’d picked up a couple of injuries in the past that had prevented him from achieving his full potential and he was anxious the same would happen again. The truth was Tim was over training and under recovering. With a guided approach, Tim was able to train consistently and make it to the start line where he achieved his first Boston Qualifying time in fantastic shape!

“Working with Flow Motion has given me accountability, knowledge, and a great group of teammates to train with. When I am over confident, Mike has kept me grounded. When I am lacking confidence, Mike provides reasons to stay optimistic. It is great to know I’m getting better physically but this has been a huge boost for me mentally as well.”

Cheryl Perry

Cheryl joined us looking to get back to her best self and enjoy the training process again. Together we worked on not only switching up her training habits, but also her fueling and hydration strategy along with strengthening her mental game. In her first training cycle, Cheryl achieved her A goal at the London Marathon with a finish of 3:29:56 as well as a new PR in the 10k by over 1min with a time of 44:46!

“This was the first training cycle that I didn’t get injured at some point. I always feel like Mike cares and doesn’t just throw a workout at me that he doesn’t think I can do. I am really proud of how I executed my training and race. It was the most consistent I’ve ever been in a race!”

Jorge Ramos

Marathon Half Marathon 10km
Old PR:
Flow Motion PR:

Jorge has been with us since the beginning in 2020.  His previous experience with the marathon hadn;t been great, and we were eager to change that. We gave Jorge the structure and held him accountable and he hasn’t looked back since, bringing in some big PRs!

“I learned that I was being very complacent with my running before and needed to push myself harder in order to improve. Without a plan I would not of been able to accomplish my goal of becoming a faster runner.”

Nate Terry

Marathon Half Marathon 10k 5k
Old PR:
- - - - - -
Flow Motion PR:

Nate needed a personalized plan due to his unique and unpredictable working schedule. Together we constructed a plan that provided Nate with plenty of flexibility so that he could find ways to get his runs in. Nate showed dedication to his running and rarely missed a run.

“I only followed training plans out of books before this but having an actual coach that adjusts my training plan as I progress or things change has made a world of difference. The ability to have workouts explained has also helped me perform them better.”

Robert Sproule

Marathon Half Marathon 10km
Old PR:
Flow Motion PR:

Robert is like a fine wine, just getting better with age. He may be 46, but when you watch him run, you’d think he was 26. Robert is the dark horse of the Masters division and he shows us that your 40s can be prime time when it comes to running. Robert continues to break his PRs (some previously set over 11 years ago) and provides inspiration to us all!

“Flow Motion Running helped me to have a more structured approach to running and to PR the  marathon, and half marathon distances. Before I worked with Flow Motion Running I had never run a full marathon without walking. First one I did after linking up with Flow Motion I ran the whole 26.2 miles.”

Lisa Keller

Lisa came to us in 2022 looking for a new challenge that would motivate and push her out of her comfort zone. She’d been training for races over the years, but now wanted to be more consistent and have a more personalized plan specifically designed for her. In her first training cycle, Lisa rarely missed a run and she felt the benefits of being held accountable by running a 2:15 in the Half marathon, meeting her A goal and taking 10min off her last half marathon time 2 years earlier. In Lisa’s words…..

“Over the years, it’s been cookie cutter with no adjustments to review progress. Mike helped me focus on realistic and attainable goals. He is professional individual who values my athletic ability and determination. We had a tough love conversation which he opened up to me that I could do better (run faster) on my track work. I needed that! Thanks, Coach!”

Ryan Knapp

Marathon Half Marathon 10km
Old PR:
- - - - -
- - - - - -
Flow Motion PR:

Wanting to celebrate his 40th birthday in style, Ryan opted to take on the challenge of running his first ever marathon. Ryan has fit and healthy but was fairly new to running. We communicated frequently so that Ryan not felt lost or confused as we navigated the path to marathon day together. On his first attempt, Ryan was confident and strong and came home in 3:22:16, smashing his stretch goal.

“My experience was absolutely great! I love the community, accountability, strategy, and everything else. It was definitely a highlight of my summer being a part of the team. Late in the race, I remember thinking about all of the WhatsApp messages I’d be getting if I crushed the final 5k. That was a great push to keep going strong.  No chance I could have done this without you and team Flomo! Thank you”

Jordan Vardon

Marathon Half Marathon 5k
Old PR:
Flow Motion PR:

Jordan started training with us because he wanted to find out what he was capable of with his running. His 7min marathon PR after 4 months with us made it clear that there’s a lot of untapped potential waiting to be uncovered. Jordan has grown from strength to strength and there is no doubt he’ll continue to get stronger and faster!

“I was in the middle of a Marathon block and got sick. I had to miss a few runs, including a long run and I was stressed and in my head about how the time off would negatively impact my goals. Through two interactions with my coach, he put me completely at ease and reminded me that the work and commitment we’d put in far outweighed dropping a couple runs. It was exactly what I needed to hear in that moment, and I was able to focus on getting better and resting up without worrying about my running. Without that perspective and experience, I would’ve been miserable for weeks.”

Raymond Stadiem

Marathon 10km
Old PR:
Flow Motion PR:

Raymond had picked up the bug. He’d ran a marathon back in the spring without any real structured training and knew he could do better. We worked with Ray to help manage his busy lifestyle as a doctor, father, and husband while still finding time to get in quality training time. Ray crushed his marathon, scoring a big PR of over 7min and now has his sights set on even more PRs in 2023!

“Mike provided good feedback on workouts. He gave me tailored workouts with specific pacing and recovery times. I had never had this type of help with my training and it helped big time with staying focused on my goal. I loved having the team for support and entertainment. Really makes the experience of training less difficult.”

Ryan Bessinger

100km Ultra Marathon
Old PR:
- - - - - -
Flow Motion PR:

Before joining us at Flow Motion Running, Ryan had a history of injuries. Fast forward a year later and Ryan has been running consistently, more so than most other runners out there. Ryan is proof that not everyday needs to be hard and you don’t always need big miles to achieve success. 

“Flow Motion Running knows that fine line between pushing and not burning me out. I was hesitant to have another run coach but Mike has been phenomenal! I was afraid it would feel like a job but it’s been the best thing I could have done for my running!”

Paul Margiotis

Marathon Half Marathon
Old PR:
Flow Motion PR:

Paul showed his true potential at the 2021 Charlotte Half Marathon when he pulled out a 1:28:05 and almost 7min PR. Watching Paul run that day was enough to get anyone excited and we know that Paul is just getting started!

Jordan Webb

Marathon Half Marathon
Old PR:
Flow Motion PR:

Jordan is one of the most passionate runners you’ll meet, he loves to run! Jordan knew he could be stronger and faster and we knew it too. Some days we have to hold him back, but when we let him go, you know he’s going to go 100% right to the end. 

Alan Godwin

Half Marathon 10km
Old PR:
Flow Motion PR:

Alan put in the time and work over the inter months and we couldn’t be more stoked to him cross that finishing line with a over a 3min PR. Having only been with us for 4 months we know we are just scratching the surface with Alan and talk of a future marathon  attempt has us all stoked at Flow Motion Running!

John Touloupas

Half Marathon
Old PR:
Flow Motion PR:

John joined us in his quest to PR in the half marathon. After months of slogging it out in the grueling NC heat, John finally got his reward and finally broke the 1:30 mark, going 1:29:00 and a 90sec PR. John has since gone on to PR in the marathon and we could not be more delighted for him and his continued success in running.

Scott Wurtzbacher

Half Marathon
Old PR:
Flow Motion PR:

When you mention the word ‘Resilience’ Scott naturally springs to mind. Having overcome a serious back injury and initially advised to not run again, Scott went searching for solutions and found them. Together with Elite Functional Performance, we created a plan that would safely build Scott’s fitness and strengthen his mind and body so that he could achieve his goal of running his 10th Charlotte Marathon. At the age of 46, and on his 10th Charlotte Half Marathon, Scott raced his fastest time in a PR of 1:56:47.

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