How to Prepare for Race Day

As race day looms for many of us this week, it’s essential we think about the lead up to race day. You’ve done hundred’s of hours of training to prepare for the big day, but the 2-3 days around race day are crucial and we want to make sure we plan for those too.

  • Carry nutritious snacks around with you, but don’t over eat. You never want to feel hungry in the days leading up to your race so snacks are great to have on hand if you are running late for a meal or are stuck in a meeting or traffic and can’t get access to your usual fuel supply.

  • Carry a water bottle around with you and fill it as soon as it gets empty. You don’t want to over hydrate so just drink to thirst and take frequent sips throughout the day.

  • The above 2 points are especially important if you are traveling for your race as the travel day can be stressful and chaotic and these are often the times we neglect our nutritional and hydration need or make poor in the moment choices. Best to be prepared

  • Once you get to your Hotel/Rental, head to the nearest grocery store and stock up on the items you’ll need over the next few days (bagels, peanut butter and jelly, energy bars, yogurt, and sandwiches etc.)

  • Think about your main meal. For race weekends, restaurants are going to be busy, especially ones that are more suited to marathon runners! See if you can book ahead or maybe even cook at your place is possible.

The Expo – A lot of damage (physically and financially at an expo), but be disciplined here. Don’t ruin your training by spending too much time on your feet here. Get in, grab what you need to, maybe pop in to one or two priority stands, get out. You are here for the race, not to shop. This is also a place where dehydration and hunger can strike so come prepared with some snacks and hydration here too.

Sightseeing – Save this for post race when you are more relaxed and don’t have to worry about being on your feet too long. Plus it’s a nice active recovery.

Technology – Get all your social media posts, good luck messages, links to follow you etc. completed early on. Your evening should be a time to relax and unwind the mind and body, not snapping the perfect shot of your race day kit.

Packing – Have your clothes laid out for race day morning. Attach your bib, make sure it feels comfortable. This also includes having your warm up clothes ready too. Have your drop off bag ready to go too if you plan on using one.

Transportation – Plan out how you will get to the start line. Give yourself plenty of buffer time. Have a plan B and Plan C ready to go too. What happens if the light rail stops running? What if your uber doesn’t show up?

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